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Company Background

The Claim Group Inc. is a professional land management consulting firm that recognizes the responsibility of maintaining mining lands demands a dedication to keep pace with new mining acts and regulations, changing political and cultural environments and new technologies that affect exploration and property development decisions.

The President of The Claim Group Inc. is John Brassard. Mr. Brassard has a bachelor’s degree in Geology and has gathered a wide range of experience from working within both the public and private sectors. Most recently, Mr. Brassard worked with Placer Dome North America as Assistant Land Manager-Canada, where he gained considerable knowledge of the various mining acts and regulations that comprise the Canadian Mining industry. In addition, while at Placer, Mr. Brassard was the team leader tasked with developing their Canadian Land Management Database ("Claimbank").

Since leaving Placer Dome North America in late 1998, Mr. Brassard has:

  • Founded The Claim Group Inc.
  • Conducted training courses for the operation of the Claimbank database.
  • Conducted training course for Filing of Assessment Work (ON).
  • Signed detailed agreement with Placer Dome Inc. for all rights, title and interest to the Claimbank database.

The Vice President of The Claim Group Inc. is Stuart Deveau. Mr. Deveau joined The Claim Group in February of 2002; he has a Master’s Degree in Geology and has gathered a broad range of land management experience over the past twenty+ years primarily within the mining industry. Most recently, Mr. Deveau worked with WMC International Limited as Land Manager – Canadian Operations.